Game Design


Game Design and Development for young Learners

During this program in Game design and development, students will learn how to design and make simple games, stories and animations using Scratch, GameMaker or Construct. As they create the digital game, students learn 21st century skills: how to use basic coding concepts such as conditions and loops, how to create good User friendly interfaces and experiences through virtual design, how to research game concepts, create stories, digital characters and animations.

Upcoming Commencement Date: Friday 15th or Saturday 16th November 2019
Duration:14 lessons per course | Mode: Project-Based learning
Age Groups: 8-12; 13+


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Program Overview

This program, in Game Science, Design and Development will have students learn how to design and make digital games. Students will go through a steep learning experience starting from simple games, stories and animations using Scratch (during our Introductory Level 1 course) and progress to advanced and deeper game levels using GameMaker, Construct and Unity (during our Level 2 & 3 courses).
As they create the digital game, students learn 21st century skills: how to insert codinglogic and concepts such as conditions and loops, how to create compelling Game Design using User-Friendly interfaces and experiences through virtual design, how to research game concepts, create stories, digital characters and animations.

What will your child learn throughout this course?


  • The elements of great Game Design and Development
  • Learn basic Coding concepts using Scratch- an online program designed by MIT for coding, game and digital animation for kids.
  • Acquire skills using different digital technologies to create digital Art for characters, sets and backgrounds
  • Develop a good sense of Game Design- how to create a good gameplay environment
  • Gain an problem-solving mindset with a test, change or enhance mentality throughout the whole creative process.
  • Have lots Fun playing different video games during lessons! 😀 YES, playing video games during a course in video games is ALLOWED

Given that this course is digitally oriented it is encouraged that each student has his/her personal tablet or laptop available during sessions. This will enable the students to continue their efforts and practice at their convenience and from home during course projects and after the course is finished.

This course is developed and designed by InnovativeKids— an educational hub aimed at promoting Creativity and Innovation through hands-on projects across a wide spectrum of subject areas. With its founding mission biased towards 21st century skill-acquisition and multidisciplinary learning.

All workshops are designed and delivered by professionals in their respective fields.

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Level 1: Elementary Games for Kids (using Scratch)

Part 1: Introduction to Digital Games and a brief history

    • A walk through a brief history of video games
    • Discussion: Different types of games
    • Case Studies: A look at real-life production timelines and design departments

Part 2: Digital Art – Creating Digital Characters, Backgrounds and Animations

    • Design and Development of character including: silhouette and detailing
    • Different types of gaming animation
    • Animating a character in empty space
    • Develop a background- Simple vs Complex
    • Separating Object sprites from backgrounds

Part 3: Game Design – What makes good game?

    • Research and self-study: What are the elements of a good game?
    • Understanding user psychology: Thinking like a game Designer
    • Case studies: Understanding Gamification: Motivation, Player types and Game Mechanics

Part 4: Development – Introduction to Coding Concepts
Part 5: Test play, Fixing Errors and Game Launch

Level 2: Game Design and Development (using Construct/ GameMaker)

This course allows young students who wish to learn more about the world of Game Design. With the use of friendly user-interface programs Game Maker or Construct students will deepen their understanding about coding concepts without the need for actual coding (we’ll get into that during the later course)!

Level 3: The PRO: Junior Game Designer & Developer course (using Unity)

During the Junior Designer and Developer course the student delves deep in both the Design and Development areas of Digital Gaming.

This course teaches students everything from basic to more advanced level stuff on how to plan, design, code and develop using C# and ultimately publish and launch their games online.

Using what you obtain in this course, you will be equipped with more than enough knowledge in order to continue improving yourself in the field of game development, using industry-level game engine Unity.


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Elementary Digital Games for Kids [8-12 y.o], Digital Games for the Future [13+], Junior Pro-Game Designer & Developer course (13+)

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