Toy Production


Elementary Engineering and Design Thinking

During this 18 day project, students will learn how to design and build fun toys designed to meet a disabled child’s needs. First, they research the therapeutic needs of the disabled child and brainstorm innovative ways toys can meet those needs. To refine the design, the students present mockups to the child, family, and therapists and collect feedback. As they build the toy, students learn to use different tools and technologies. At exhibition time, the child and family are invited to a ceremony where the final version of the toy is presented.


Application: Open
Ages: 9-16 | Duration: 18 sessions
Mode: Project-based

Course starting 31st July every  Tuesday and Friday between 3:30-5:30

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Course Overview

Can students design and create an innovative, therapeutic toy for a child with special needs?

This course in Toy Design and Manufacture, will call on participants to become entrepreneurialcreative problem-solvers through a design and make approach.

In this course, participants will learn about and apply different areas of technology, namely the engineering design process, resistant materials, textiles, mechanisms and electronics,  to create an innovative product that will address the needs, wants and values of the intended user. During the manufacturing process, participants will learn the necessary procedures to work safely and effectively. After producing their final product, participants will engage in an analysis and evaluation of their work and work of others, taking in consideration the social, moral, economic and environmental impact of their toy.

This course will foster independent learning and critical thinking in participants, which are the skills needed for today’s fast changing modern society.

Topics include:

  • The Engineering Design Process
  • Resistant Materials and Textiles
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical systems
  • Learning how to do effective Research
  • Drawing Methods and Computer aided Design
  • Idea Generation
  • Design Thinking, Manufacturing and Packaging
  • Product Idea Pitching and presenting

Throughout this Learning Experience each student will:

 Cultivate a problem solving mindset while researching new solutions and design methods.

✓  Learn how to use effective Design thinking to create toy mock ups for testing and analysis.

✓ Learn how to use mathematical concepts and elements of engineering in a fun and creative way.

✓ Use design insight to create User friendly and easy to use toy functionalities.

✓ Engage with different technologies 

✓ Earn an Official Certificate of Course Completion and Skills acquired. This is a trusted and brilliant way to showcase their new skills!

Meet the Tutor

Ramona Azzopardi - Tutor Profile | AK Malta

Ramona Azzopardi M.Ed; Pg.Ed;  B. Ed Technical Design & Technology Edu.


Ramona, studied Graphical Communication and Design &Technology at
the University of Malta, where she graduated as a teacher in 2001. A
few years later, she returned to University to read a Master’s Degree in
Adult Education, where she focused on Technological Literacy and
graduated in 2011. In 2017, Ramona graduated again as a ‘Teacher
Mentor’ after reading a postgraduate course. I her spare time, Ramona
strives to be creative and entrepreneurial. She likes to make fabric
products and participates in various artisan markets.

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