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EXPLORERS was conceived as an idea to promote Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking and through Exploratory and Game-Like, Fun activities. This program is composed of several Exploratory workshops in SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, Art and Engineering within Real-World themes and activities designed to generate creativity, a problem-solving mindset and drive real-world connection. Inspired by the different theme of the week students will discover different topics, learn to Research, form Critical opinions and Create new ways of doing things.

Shared classroom resources are included and provided by us. Other personal-use and consumable resources are purchased by the student (read full policy below) ⓘ

Upcoming Commencement: Week starting 1st July until 30th August 2024 (7 Full Weeks)  *Places are Limited

Session Time: Every Wednesday between 9AM-1:30PM *Extended pick-up and early drop-off options also available (more details below)*

P.S St. Maria shut-down: No sessions will be held between the 7th-20th August 2023

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Course Description

Programme Overview

Each week presents a different challenge which calls on students to twist their brains and research about the topic or problem presented to them.

From hands-on SCIENCE experiments, ARTS and HUMANITIES to SOCIAL games and activities the EXPLORERS programme aims to encourage knowledge acquisition and idea sharing within a fun and creative environment.

The STEAM Model

In an ever changing world, abundant of knowledge children need no longer be told what to study. Rather our aim is to teach students How to Learn in order for them to learn to Think rather than just be consumers of technology and information.

As our aim is not to predict the outcome of human achievement but rather to create the right environment for individual growth to take root.

All of EXPLORERS’ weekly activities and workshops follow the STEAM Model which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. The basic model of STEAM based education is to teach kids to bridge subjects and problem solve during hands-on activities. The idea behind this is to have children learn in an multidisciplinary and creative approach rather than by subject (ex. Maths, Languages or History as stand-alone subjects).

STEAM Education - EXPLORERS Malta

This creative approach allows students to use and apply knowledge from different domains towards different solutions or to simply come up with different ideas. It encourages students to think more broadly about real-world problems. It has helped create innovations like the iPhone, the original laptop computer, and is even revolutionizing cooking in third world countries, and improving air quality as a result.

It helps students ask questions, connect the dots, problem solve, think creatively, and be innovative. And not only can STEAM save the world, it can save our kids too by making their future bright.

Extra programme hours

Parents may choose to drop-off and/or pick-up your child(ren) earlier or later against an extra charge. View Rates

Consent Forms

All parents or guardians of students (below the age of 16) participating during the EXPLORERS programme are kindly requested to complete and submit the Parental Consent and Medical Form together with the Outings and Transport Consent Form and hand it in by not later than the 1st day of the programme. Download consent forms

This course is developed and designed by InnovativeKids— an educational hub aimed at promoting Creativity and Innovation through hands-on projects across a wide spectrum of subject areas. With its founding mission biased towards 21st century skill-acquisition and multidisciplinary learning.

All workshops are designed and delivered by professionals in their respective fields.

For more information about Innovative Kids Malta you may visit: innovativekids.akmalta.com

Included are all the classroom shared materials and activity needs which will be provided during the different workshops and outings.

* Optional outing transportation fees are not included. Transport fees range between 4-5 euros per outing (2-way) *
** Other outing related fees and spending money (such as cinema tickets or admission fees) are excluded and may apply. **

DISCLAIMER: The programme schedule and outing dates may change without an early prior notice.

2022 Activities Schedule:

Week 1: Outdoors Fun

We’ll kick start the programme with some outdoor games and creative exercises aimed to prime students to Connect, Socialize and most of all share a great time together.

Activities include: Water Games, Group Games, Collaborative Art Exercises etc…


Date: TBA

Venue: To be announced

Week 2: Designing Sustainable Architecture- Hagar Qim & Mnajdra


During this week’s EXPLORERS activity students will delve in a journey about architecture, its purposes, how it evolved and explore ways how it can be re-invented for future generations.
What can the history teach us? What is worth building in the future?
Students will also have the opportunity to take an active role and contribute during plant seedling workshops.
Driving Questions:
– How has architecture evolved over time?
– What is sustainability?
– How do different spaces affect us?
Activities: Architecture, Science, Real-world connection, History
Admission details:
Date: 13th July
Ages: 5-8; 9-12 & 13+ (grouped accordingly)
Venue: Hagar Qim & Mnajdra (meeting point on School premises)

Week 3: Forensic DETECTIVES (Interactive Science)

Activity Overview:

Finger prints, (CSI) crime scene investigations, deductive logic unfold during this week’s science theme. Combining the Thrill of investigation with the Science of Forensics!

But will our students be able to crack the code and solve the crime investigation in Sherlock speed time? 


Date: 20th July

Ages: 5-8; 9-12; 13+ (grouped accordingly)

Venue: on School premises

Week 4: Going back in time- Maltese Heritage

Without history there is no memoryWithout memory there is no future.” – Elie Wiesel


Understanding the PAST, to Re-Create the FUTURE: After attending a tour about Maltese Heritage  students will get a glimpse into some of the pasts most iconic artifacts and their importance and relevance to our present. 
Students are then given a scenario of creating an artifact inspired by what they have learned and what kind of artifact can represent us today in the future.

Activities: Heritage, Engineering, History, Art & Crafts


Date: 27th July

Venue: TBA

Week 5: Painting in the Museum!


This activity will call on students to partake during an Artist Inspired activity where different artists and their respective techniques will be introduced.

Main Learning objectives: Art History, Different Art Techniques


Date: 3rd August

Venue: MUZA (Valletta)

Week 6: Agricultural Science + Adventure - Park ta' San Klement


During this weeks activity children will become aware of the different types of Farming with special focus on Organic and Sustainable methods.

Students will also have the opportunity to take an active role and contribute during plant seedling workshops.

Driving Questions:
– What are the different types of farming?
– What is sustainability?
– How does climate change effect our systems?

Activity: Home Gardening and Plant seedling: During our 2nd activity students will be introduced to the natural world of organic farming and gardening. This activity starts with an introduction about the importance of gardening and organic agriculture and how this affects our environment and everyday living. This is followed by seed plantation workshop.


Date: 24th August

Venue: San Klement Part

Week 7: SURVIVAL Science!

Activity Overview:

What better way is there to immerse young learners in the beauty and necessity of Science other than during fun scientific games and hands-on outdoor experiments?

This week is all about Science. From Solar Energy, Water and Weather science, Chemistry to Mechanical experiments students will learn how to create actual scientific apparatus and bring together different natural elements to create compelling and exciting scientific experiments.

This learning experience will also open young learners to endless creative possibilities together with an enriched appreciation to the natural elements around us.


Date: 31st August

Venue: Buskett, Rabat

Shared classroom resources Policy ⓘ

All activities are inclusive of Shared-Classroom resources. These resources include shareable pencils, reusable tools and equipment, and general materials. Personal-use consumable resources are not included and must be purchased by the student. Personal use consumables include: personal toolkits, specific materials, clay, painting paper etc… which are consumed and/or taken home by the student after individual use.

DISCLAIMER: The program schedule is subject to change without any early prior notice.

What our students have to say

art classes malta they are very good and talented. My daughter she really learned a lot since she started attending their classes. They are great! thanks a lot keep it up with your good work I recommend.

Parent, Children Arts ProgrammeRose Zarb

Our daughter enjoys every second of her art lessons and she's always looking forward for the next one. We highly recommend Art Classes Malta

Ann Marie Scerri GrassoParent, Children Art Programme

My daughter really loves attending her lessons with ms Kelsey. I also attended 2 adult courses one with Kelsey and with Stefan.Great tutors I am very happy and thankful for offering us with such great courses!

Carmen AgiusParent, Children Art Programme

For those art lovers out there, Art Classes provides the right environment where you can indulge in learning about real art. If you’re hooked on classical and fine art, this is the place to be.

Paul FarrugiaAfter attending the Classical Realism Introductory course and the Life Portrait Painting specialization course

Great tutors, would recommend to anyone that wants to develop their drawing and painting skills or just spend some time doing what they enjoy.

Alison RogersStudent

It was an amazing workshop! looking forward to the next 🙂

Sephora BaldacchinoAfter attending the Golden Proportions


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InnovativeKids Malta

InnovativeKids by AK Malta was conceived as an idea to promote INNOVATION and CREATIVITY through inter-disciplinary learning experiences aimed at 21st century knowledge and skills.


In today and tomorrow’s world students require multidomain knowledge and skills. We break the mould of teaching by subject. Through our project-based system students are able to learn mathemathics, literacy and history through the arts. They are able to mix knowledge from different domains to come up with a creative solution or outcome.


Our competence-oriented approach allows students to learn through their own mistakes, reflect and improve. It allows students the space and time for errors and correction. A system which aims to reshape how students portray Failure.


Motivation like in anything else in life is a key aspect in a child’s learning experience. When learning is joyful and desirable, students are hungry to learn on their own, without outside persuasion

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