Learning Experiences

from the best professionals.

Our educational mission:

Our Philosophy: Principles Oriented
Our Method: Student-Centric and Competence-Based

We not only take personalized learning seriously, we approach it with a bias.

A competence-based learning is different than a standard-based educational system in ways that it prioritizes skill acquisition over the standard test-scores. Most of our courses are based on a project-based approach, encouraging students to intuitively learn to apply theory and instructional information to  practical and  real-life-scenario projects both individually or in group dynamics.

It is our core mission to provide a personal learning experience and approach to each and every student.

Led by Professional Artists and Designers

As one of our principle founding missions, we are led by many of the greatest artists and architects of the day. We believe that to achieve Excellence  inspiration must be one of the catalyzing features of our learning approach and experience. Each of AK Malta’s leading instructor must be a practicing artist, elected by their peers in recognition of their work.

Courses for Adults
  • Beginner Drawing and Painting
  • Classical Realism – in Classical Drawing & Oil Painting
  • Interior Design and Architecture
  • Graphic Design
  • Calligraphy and Lettering
  • Digital Art
Academic Preparatory programmes
  • Art Ordinary Level programme
  • Art Intermediate Level programme
  • Art Advanced Level programme
Courses for Children
  • Fine Art and Creative Expression
  • Comic art
  • Digital Games
  • Filmmaking and Digital Animation
  • Designing Cool: Landscape Design and Sustainability
  • Photography and Photojournalism
  • Toy Production: Design Thinking & Elementary Engineering
Diplomas and Degrees
  • Diploma in Interior Design (Available soon)
  • Diploma in Graphic Design and Typography (Available soon)
  • Diploma in Classical Fine Art (Available soon)