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With a local reach and network of over 20,000 hits per day ART CLASSES MALTA is the leading educational and creative arts platform in Malta.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can list on ACM Experiences?

Anyone can list and host an activity. Our top hosts include: professional Artists, Agencies and other Creative organisations who wish to host or even partner with us in co-hosting unique creative events and experiences to their audiences. From travel art camps, 1-day workshops or even creative talks and seminars and artistic productions as long as your activity adheres to our Publishing Guidelines, it can be published on the AK Experiences platform and network channels. There is no cost to publishing a listing on AK Experiences.

What should I list?

ART CLASSES MALTA Experiences fall into a wide variety of topic-related activities, including Design, Photography, Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Illustration, and more. You can list any activities including seminars, workshops, events or exhibitions relating to any of the respective topics.

How can I earn money?

When you list your event on ACM Experiences you have the added option to accept online bookings. We normally transfer your earnings to your Bank Account within seven days after the event. A booking standard fee of 12% is applicable on online bookings. 

Do I need to link my bank account in order to use it?

You’ll earn money directly through your bank account within 7 days the activity has been successfully completed.  It is therefore important to integrate and provide your bank transfer details in your account settings to ensure that you receive your money in time.