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  AWARD MQF LEVEL 5    /    Get Qualified (70% Refund) 

Learn Interior Design and Architecture

The art and science of creating extraordinary living experiences.

Interior Design is the application of various elements brought together in harmony. Unconsciously our senses of sight, sound, smell and touch send messages to the brain in remembering previous experiences or even better creating new ones.

Course Overview

Whether you are an aspiring designer or you just wish to learn more about the science and design of creating beautiful personal living spaces during this course you will learn all about the different elements of Interior Design.

From learning about colour psychology, lighting, mood setups, different fabrics, materials and styling techniques by the end of this course you will become confident enough to make better styling and design decisions to your own spaces. Individual attention and guidance is provided as per each individual’s performance level.

Study mode: Project-based (exam free)    |    Duration: 30 hours (Lectures 1 x 15 weeks)
Total hours of Learning (incl. lectures, project work, assessments and self study): 150hrs
Entry requirements: Beginner course. No prior experience or knowledge required

What will you Learn after this course?

Become introduced to the concepts of Interior Design: Ergonomics, Materials, Design, Drafting and model scaling ;

✓  Discover colour, hue and the psychology behind colour setting ;

✓  Develop a good sense of practical expertise compounded with lots of theoretical knowledge about Interior Design;

✓  Gain confidence working with different materials and fabrics;

✓  Ability to turn your ideas into harmonious beautiful designs ;

✓  Acquire techniques in lighting, mood setting and interior decorating;

✓  You’ll be mentored by a professional and experienced Interior Designer;

60% Presentation – Mid and/or Final Presentation of Work; including a mood board, furniture layout, lighting layout, perspective drawing and 3d model etc…

40% Assignment – Research is to be presented and reflective of the various phases including: history, client brief, site and function, ergonomics, materials, colour, styles and lighting etc…

Students attending remotely (LIVE online) are subjected to the same assessment criteria. Online students are required to submit and present their projects live online during presentation and final project assessments.

Further project details and criteria will be discussed by the tutor during the course of the program.

As per our Internal Quality Assurance policy & procedure; Section 6, C):

Recognition and Certification: 
A certificate is presented to students who successfully complete the course. The criteria for a successful completion is based on 

i. An active participation and attendance of not less than 70% of a course.
ii. High quality work and performance are reflected throughout the culmination of projects and creative tasks assigned throughout the course.

Further note: In adherence to our Recognition and Certification policy and upon feedback, students failing to meet the course completion criteria on their first attempt will be granted two re-submission opportunities. If criteria are not met after the second attempt, it will result in a failed status, necessitating a retake of the course.


• Workstation/ laptop that can handle graphic software such as
Sketch Up (for students working on digital)

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Program Outline

Part 1: Introduction, Decorating vs Design and building the client brief

  • Introduction to Interior Design
We will first learn a brief timeline of interior design and designers. the history, its evolution over time and fundamentals.
  • Decorating vs design and Developing our Client brief
We will go through various projects and identify the differences between interior design and interior decorating, whilst also highlighting major elements in design. We will identify the building form and how this will aid/affect our thinking.
Creating and tackling a client brief. What we require to know from our client in order for us to have a brief which is sufficient for us to work on.

Part 2: Colour, Styles and Moods

  • Different styles and moods

Learn about different materials, textures and the importance of colour. The different styles and mood each can create when combined together. We will be able to start creating ideas for a mood board for our client and project.

Part 3: About Perspective, Plan Drawing and Model making

  • Drawing a plan, Ergonomics & Furniture

Learn how to understand scale from architects drawings and how to draw a scaled plan and elevations and its architectural elements.

Students will be assisted to draw the outlines of plan and the room contents

  • Perspective Drawing

Throughout these sessions we will translate what has been drawn on plan to 3d visuals by hand drawing perspective. We will tackle various techniques used and then have time to do practice.

  • 3D Model Making / Sketchup (Optional)

Learn how to create models from a plan. Understanding design in 3d aids for a better final result from a more realistic view point.

Parts 4: Understanding Ergonomics and space functionality

  • Adding Functionality

Throughout this course we will also go into the importance of ergonomics
when planning out a room. The process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them.

Part 5: Lighting

  • Different types of Lighting and  best application techniques

During this part of the course we will deal with the ‘make-or-break’ of good design- Lighting. We will discuss the various types of lighting and how to best use each different type for different uses.

Section 6: Furniture and finishing materials

  • Essentials – Finishes; upholstery, furniture and accessories

We will go through various furniture designers and their iconic pieces and styles. We will also cover different soft furnishings which will enhance and aid for a better finalized space.

  • Finalizing

We will work together to finalize all the plans, elevations, perspective drawing/s and mood board according to what we would have covered in  previous lessons.

We will be able to share the finalized project as we would do to a client and exchange ideas between students and tutor.

  • Presenting, sharing ideas and final critique

We will be able to share the finalised project as we would do to a client and exchange ideas between students and tutor.




MAD Institute

Learning mode:

Hybrid and/or Class-based


MFHEA Malta Further and Higher Education Authority

The ProfessionalSkills Design program is an MQF Level 5 Award (6 ECTS) titled ‘Award in Introduction to Interior Design and Architecture’ by The Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (MFHEA). The Award certificate will be presented to delegates upon successful attendance of all modules and completion of relative assessment (Project). — This continues to confirm the industry relevance of our programs!

This course tends to become full quickly


Upcoming Commencement Dates

June ’24 (Tue or Wed 7-9PM)

Online or Class-based options


Upcoming commencement Dates:
October ’23; February ’24; June ’24
Times: 7-9PM
Mode of Study: PARTTIME

Christmas Break: Dec 24th 2023- Jan 6th 2024
Easter Break: 9th- 22nd April 2024
*Class schedules are subject to change during public holidays*

Entry Level

Level: Beginner level course. Good English communication. No prior knowledge required.

Course Fees

395 euros

Earn an Official Award
This is an internationally recognised certificate.

Program funding options


Students following the ‘Award in Interior Design’ study programme can apply for the Get Qualified Scheme which will enable them to benefit from a tax credit of 70% of the costs incurred (ie. €276.50 will be refunded back for this course).

For more details on this scheme visit >


The scheme offers assistance in the form of a training grant to aid participants with costs relating to training. Eligible candidates satisfying a list of criteria can benefit from a 75% rebate on direct training cost.

Learn more about this scheme >

Frequently asked questions

Is financial aid available?

Yes. In select learning programs, you can apply for financial aid under the Get Qualified scheme. Students who attend any of the eligible study programmes can apply for the Get Qualified Scheme upon successful completion which will enable them to benefit from a tax credit of 70% of the costs incurred.

The Get Qualified scheme is only eligible for Accreditation courses. Certificate level courses are ineligible for funding.

For more information about Funding & Scheme options visit >

I'd love to enrol but my budget is limited. How can I go about this?

ACM offers students the chance to schedule 3 interest-free payments which gives them the freedom and flexibility to invest in their studies and still do the things they love.

EasyPay Scheme – Students may also opt for the EasyPay plan for longer instalment payments. For more info visit here

Funding – Students also have the chance to get 70% of their course fees back thanks to the Get Qualified Scheme.

In which countries will my certification be recognised?

MAD is a licensed Higher and Further Education Institute by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (MFHEA). Our courses are all accredited by the NCFHE with relevant MQF Levels and ECTS Credits which allow our courses to be recognised in Malta and within the European Union.

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