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Design courses in Malta that you will love!

Looking to break into Design? Explore all Short Design courses offered: Interior Design, Game design, Graphic Design. Flexible learning options.


ⓘ Art Classes Malta partners with top organizations to provide unique learning experiences across Malta and Gozo:

  • Online (LIVE streamed) & physical (Class-based)
  • Morning and after work hours (AM & PM)
  • On Weekends & during holiday seasons

Students learn from our qualified teachers, experienced industry professionals, who provide fun and engaging courses covering everything from beginner drawing lessons, to graphic and interior design and specialized masterclasses for advanced students! Sessions run between 2-3 hours.

Other categories: Children courses, Teen courses, Masterclasses, Workshops, Awards & Qualifications

Who are classes for?

Our catalogue of courses and workshops is tailored for different adult learner interests and skill levels. From beginner art classes to intermediate workshops and masterclasses for more advanced students.

Whether you are just looking to get started or getting back at it, a busy adult looking to de-stress and spice up your work-to-home-and-replay routine or an advanced art student looking to refine your skills you will find a course which is suitable to your learning. Explore Full Schedule

All our courses are led by professionals.

ACM can also provide customized Art and Design courses for young learners, schools, community organizations and charities.

ACM offers courses recognized as both Informal Learning and Formal (Accredited) learning through MAD Institute

Did you know? Our students can benefit from various Funding Scheme options


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