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Informal Learning and Formal Learning

ACM offers courses which are recognised as Informal or Formal learning (accredited courses)

Informal Learning

Courses that are recognized as ‘Informal Learning’

“Non-formal learning is learning that has been acquired in addition or alternatively to formal learning. In some cases, it is also structured according to educational and training arrangements, but more flexible. It usually takes place in community-based settings, the workplace and through the activities of civil society organisations. Through the recognition, validation and accreditation process, non-formal learning can also lead to qualifications and other recognitions.”  – Malta Education Learn more


What is non-formal learning?
Non-formal learning occurs when one participates in organised activities. This type of learning is intentional and may lead to certification.
Why should you encourage your child to participate?
When your child takes part in an activity, you are ensuring that your child develops his/her personality by:
(i)                  enriching own knowledge;
(ii)                increasing the skills;
(iii)               getting to know more about oneself; and
(iv)              sharing ideas with others and make new friends.


How do I earn certificate?

All students who attend their courses with Art Classes Malta are eligible to a course certificate. Upon successful completion a certificate of skills acquired is awarded to students at the end of each course or on a periodic basis (in case of membership and on-going programs).

What are the criteria? 

Only students who have successfully completed their course with an attendance of 70% or more and/or upon completion of their project (depending on the course) are eligible for a certificate of skills.

Formal Learning (Awards & Qualifications)

Accredited courses that are recognized as ‘Formal Learning’

Through its MAD Institute ACM offers Awards and Qualification courses that are accredited and officially approved by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA).

These courses are internationally recognised and based on the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF)

For a full list of Awards & Qualifications visit here