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Film-making in Stop Motion Animation   NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE   or CLASS-BASED  

Stop Motion animation is one of the oldest yet most creative animation and visual storytelling techniques to be used in cinematography. Combining ART, MOTION and visual NARRATION it makes for an optimal creative experience for young and budding filmmakers! It is also a FUN process during which young learners can learn what it takes to create compelling stories that engage viewers, collaborate and learn how to use technology in an educational and learning environment.

Divided into 2 courses 1st the Film and Animation [3-D Animation] followed with the Comic and Animation [2-D Animation]  these courses allow students to create different fun and creative animation films using 3D miniature models or 2D comic characters!

Shared classroom resources are included and provided by us. Other personal-use and consumable resources are purchased by the student (read full policy below) ⓘ

Upcoming commencement dates: Week starting 22nd January ’24

Winter sessions and times: Every Thursday 5-7PM  / Summer: Tuesday & Friday 11:30-1:30PM

Duration: 28hrs per term (14 /2 hr sessions each term)

Age(s): 5-8; 9-13 | Fee: 199 euros

Enrollments made before 15th August 2023 benefit from Early Enrollment Discounts. Use coupon code: EarlyWinterEnrollment23

Winter Program Schedule 2023/24

Term 1: 2nd October – 20th January (14 sessions)
Christmas Break: Dec 25th 2023- Jan 6th 2024
Term 2: 22nd January – 12th May (14 sessions)
Easter Break: 9th- 22nd April 2024

Summer term: July-September (7 weeks)
No sessions will be held during the St. Maria shut-down

*Class schedules are subject to change during public holidays*

Material Box (Recommended for busy parents) *

These custom selected & personalized boxes and kits include all the resources and materials required for each particular course. (Excl. any recycled materials or which can be supplied from ones own home). 1 less headache for you busy parents!

NOTE: Each of the below pack quantities are for a single child. For siblings of up to 2 children some items may be shared – however quantities may vary
subject to individual use and some items may need to be topped up.

ⓘ These packages are exclusively being sold as part of the course material bundled as one inclusive educational package (when bought together) and thus exempt of VAT under the Maltese VAT act. Items are volatile and prices may change from time to time.


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Course Description

Disclaimer: Due to the current COVID-19 situation being still liquid and as part of our Special H&S, Mitigation and Continuity of Learning Policy students may have the option to attend the course online or physically in-class*. Continue reading


* Physical classes are subject to be suspended or transferred online with or without prior notice depending on the then current COVID-19 situation. 

Course Overview

Stop Motion animation is one of the oldest yet most creative animation and visual storytelling techniques to be used in cinematography.

Combining ART, MOTION and visual NARRATION it makes for an optimal creative experience for young and budding filmmakers! It is also a FUN process during which young learners can learn what it takes to create compelling stories that engage viewers, collaborate and learn how to use technology in an educational and learning environment.


Sessions include: Story boarding, Creative Storytelling, Minuature Modelling, Puppet rigging, Photography, use of Stop Motion technology


Shared classroom resources Policy ⓘ

All activities are inclusive of Shared-Classroom resources. These resources include shareable pencils, reusable tools and equipment, and general materials. Personal-use consumable resources are not included and must be purchased by the student. Personal use consumables include: personal toolkits, specific materials, clay, painting paper etc… which are consumed and/or taken home by the student after individual use.

During this workshop your child will learn:

✓ Creative Story Telling:  Students will have the opportunity to progress from idea to story boarding and learn the secrets of captivating visual storytelling: Story Plot, Characterization, Setting, Point of View, Climax of the story, Resolution, Conclusion and Theme-setting

✓ Story Visualizing: Learn how to visualize and turn their written stories into a 2D visual Story Board;

✓ Modelling and Animation: Acquire practical skill while molding and sculpting their own 3D miniature models, design-characters and sets

✓ Shooting and Filming

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This course is developed and designed by InnovativeKids— an educational hub aimed at promoting Creativity and Innovation through hands-on projects across a wide spectrum of subject areas. With its founding mission biased towards 21st century skill-acquisition and multidisciplinary learning.

All workshops are designed and delivered by professionals in their respective fields.

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Program funding options

Tax Deduction on Fees paid for Cultural and Creative Courses

Parents of children under 16 who attended any Cultural or Creative courses during 2023 can now apply for a tax deduction scheme of up to a maximum of €300 for each child. If the course was provided by an entity or individual recognised by Arts Council Malta, parents are entitled to claim a deduction against their chargeable income of up to a maximum of €300 for each child.

What our students have to say

art classes malta they are very good and talented. My daughter she really learned a lot since she started attending their classes. They are great! thanks a lot keep it up with your good work I recommend.

Parent, Children Arts courseRose Zarb

Very nice education center ❤️❤️ My daughter had the best classes during her summer vacation in Malta and had a great time with friendly teachers and friends. Thank you very much.👏👏

Songhyeon JunParent of student following InnovativeKids Summer School 2023

Our daughter enjoys every second of her art lessons and she's always looking forward for the next one. We highly recommend Art Classes Malta

Ann Marie Scerri GrassoParent, Children Art course

My daughter really loves attending her lessons with ms Kelsey. I also attended 2 adult courses one with Kelsey and with Stefan.Great tutors I am very happy and thankful for offering us with such great courses!

Carmen AgiusParent, Children Art Programme

Highly recommend their classes. The teachers are dedicated and the kids are truly treated as young artists - challenged to think outside the box and be their best artistic self. My daughter has been going for the last 2.5years and she never has enough of their lessons.

Denise BiancoParent, Children Art course

Learning was fun, our child developed new skills which till now were never explored. During this experience he had the time and guidance to help him develop new skills.

ParentParent of student following InnovativeKids Summer School 2019

For those art lovers out there, Art Classes provides the right environment where you can indulge in learning about real art. If you’re hooked on classical and fine art, this is the place to be.

Paul FarrugiaAfter attending the Classical Realism Introductory course and the Life Portrait Painting specialization course

Great tutors, would recommend to anyone that wants to develop their drawing and painting skills or just spend some time doing what they enjoy.

Alison RogersStudent

It was an amazing workshop! looking forward to the next 🙂

Sephora BaldacchinoAfter attending the Golden Proportions

Very good school! Extremely professional and dedicated young teachers. I Highly recommend to all.

Ray AzzopardiParent and student

The art lessons with a difference in a free environment that does not look like a school!

ParentParent of student following InnovativeKids Summer School 2019

You cannot predict the outcome of human development. All you can do is like a farmer create the conditions under which it will begin to flourish.

— Ken Robinson


72, Spiteri Fremond Street, Qormi. Get Directions

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InnovativeKids Malta

InnovativeKids by AK Malta was conceived as an idea to promote INNOVATION and CREATIVITY through inter-disciplinary learning experiences aimed at 21st century knowledge and skills.


In today and tomorrow’s world students require multidomain knowledge and skills. We break the mould of teaching by subject. Through our project-based system students are able to learn mathemathics, literacy and history through the arts. They are able to mix knowledge from different domains to come up with a creative solution or outcome.


Our competence-oriented approach allows students to learn through their own mistakes, reflect and improve. It allows students the space and time for errors and correction. A system which aims to reshape how students portray Failure.


Motivation like in anything else in life is a key aspect in a child’s learning experience. When learning is joyful and desirable, students are hungry to learn on their own, without outside persuasion

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