InnovativeKids Summer School


 ONLY 60 PLACES AVAILABLE    Classes tends to become fully booked quickly 

The InnovativeKids Summer School 2023 offers a unique recipe of interesting and hands-on workshops in Design and development, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, as well as the Visual Arts – Drawing, Painting, Film production and Comic Art and Animation, Sculpting, Crafts and Pottery. Weekly S.T.E.A.M workshops and themed activities are a bright highlight that give the program a special twist and element of surprise.

The Summer School is open for ALL students between the ages of 5-8 and 9-12 & 13-16 grouped accordingly.

Commencement Date: 3rd July until 1st September 2023 (7 Full Weeks)

Extended Program: until the 15th of September ’23 (+2 weeks)

Note: No sessions will be held during the St. Maria shut-down (13th-25th August 2023)

Summer Package Options:
5-day week
3-day week (Mon-Wed OR Wed-Fri)
2-day week (Mon-Tue OR Thur-Fri) NEW option

*15% off on All Virtual program options (NEW VIRTUAL PRICING OPTIONS)

Material Box? Check what’s inside: View Material Kits and Packages

Application Deadlines:

Early Enrollment period Open until March 15th // Final Enrolment until May 1st. A 15 euro charge will apply on later enrollments (subject to availability).

The InnovativeKids Summer School is eligible for the Easy Pay scheme. Read more

Select your Material Box (Recommended for busy parents) 🎨 *

These custom selected & personalized boxes and kits include all the resources and materials required for each particular course. (Excl. any recycled materials or which can be supplied from ones own home). 1 less headache for you busy parents!

NOTE: Each of the below pack quantities are for a single child. For siblings of up to 2 children some items may be shared – however quantities may vary
subject to individual use and some items may need to be topped up.

ⓘ These packages are exclusively being sold as part of the course material bundled as one inclusive educational package (when bought together) and thus exempt of VAT under the Maltese VAT act. Items are volatile and prices may change from time to time.


Optional Extra: Extended Program 📅

The extended Summer program runs between the 4th – 15th of September (an option of 1-2 weeks). Activities during the extended program include a range of Art, Sculpting, Crafts and/or Science workshops.

To Book for the Extra Program please select the program option per week (3-days or 5-days) and the number of weeks you wish to extend for (either 1 or 2 weeks) in the numerator box below. Leave empty if you do not wish to apply.

Optional Extra: PM UNWIND CLUB- After School Program *NEW* 😎

Based on past parent & student feedback this year we will be offering the PM UNWIND CLUB which will run between the 1:30PM-5PM. Activities during the PM club may include: Cultural & Creative OR Sports & Leisure

More details about the PM Unwind Club will be published and communicated in due time.

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Course Description

Shared classroom resources policy ⓘ

All activities are inclusive of Basic Shared-Classroom resources. These resources include shareable pencils, reusable tools and equipment, and basic materials. Other personal-use consumable resources are not included and must be purchased by the student. Personalized student packages are available at an extra charge. Personal use consumables include: personal toolkits, sketchbooks, specialized course materials, clay, fine painting paper etc… which are consumed and/or taken home by the student after individual use.

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