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InnovativeKids Malta

InnovativeKids Malta was conceived as an idea to offer an alternative educational experience by promoting INNOVATION and CREATIVITY through inter-disciplinary learning programs aimed at 21st century knowledge and skills — To provide skills and experiences which can transfer to many other aspects in our students’ lives! —

InnovativeKids Malta’s founding mission is based on 3 tenants:

  • ORGANIC Learning 

Our competence-oriented approach allows students to learn through their own mistakes, reflect and improve. It allows students the space and time for errors and correction. A system which aims to reshape how students portray Failure.


In today and tomorrow’s world students require multidomain knowledge and skills. We break the mould of teaching by subject. Through our project-based system students are able to learn mathemathics, literacy and history through the arts. They are able to mix knowledge from different domains to come up with a creative solution or outcome.

  • PERSONALISED & Interest-Driven Approach

Motivation like in anything else in life is a key aspect in a child’s learning experience. When learning is joyful and desirable, students are hungry to learn on their own, without outside persuasion.

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Contact info:

m: +356 99831064/ +356 79031444