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Publishing Guidelines


At ACM Experiences, we welcome events across a wide range of categories, including Design, Photography, Business, and many more.

Experiences go beyond a typical educational or tourist activity and participants are invited to actively participate in a host’s community or culture. Great experiences unlock unique insight, feelings and/or activities that the average student or traveler wouldn’t likely experience or discover on their own.

Consider offering access to something different, unique or otherwise inaccessible to the average visitor to increase your experience’s chances of being published on ACM Experiences. When submitting your experience, make sure to highlight what’s special about the Experience you’ll provide to your guests.

You can submit your Experience idea by visiting our:  Create your Experience page


All Experiences should do the following:

1. Foster a Growth and Learning Environment

The ACM community is first and foremost, educational and centered around learning experiences and skills. At ACM we define our vision as educational, instructional and engaging and we reserve the right to remove any content posted to the platform that we deem to be in opposition to this stated intention.

The goal of our community is to promote knowledge expansion, culture and ideas in Malta.

While we’re devoted to maintaining an open-platform, we also want to be a destination for learners and doers. For this reason,  we make sure that each and every listing be it a seminar, workshop, event, exhibition or any other social activity adheres to our philosophy. We place a premium on content quality and the relevance of the activity being promoted.


2. Adhere to our Community Guidelines.

The following are prohibited in any area of the site:

Harassment, Hate Speech, and Explicit or Illegal Content

  • Uploading content that promotes violence against or stereotypes of individuals or groups based on race, gender, religion, age, nationality, political affiliation or sexual orientation
  • Uploading explicit or violent content
  • Uploading content that makes reference to weapons
  • Promoting an illegal activity
  • Posting disrespectfully or repetitively in class discussions, project or comments, reviews, groups, workshops, project comments or on teach challenge pages

Privacy & Ownership

  • Revealing personal or identifying information about another user
  • Downloading or copying activities from other ACM Experiences and posting them elsewhere.
  • Uploading content that you did not create.

Fraudulent Activity

  • Uploading content that promotes dubious business schemes or promises a specific outcome to students
  • Impersonating a teacher from another platform
  • Engaging in fraudulent or misleading referral or class review activity (including but not limited to: using multiple identities, email addresses or ACM accounts, providing false or misleading information, or attempting to “game” the trending algorithm)


If the goal of your content or community participation is to gain engagement outside of ACM Experiences platform, it is likely not aligned with the spirit of the platform. The following Guidelines apply to all users on all areas of the site:

  • Any un-targeted, unwanted, or repetitive content posted to community spaces (class discussions, reviews, Groups, projects and comments, Workshops or Teach Challenge pages) may be removed.
  • If you are an ACM Experience host, self-promotion (ex: mentioning other websites you teach on, mentioning your own website, asking for followers or subscribers on other platforms), should be limited to the About section of your Experience only.
  • Using your profile or any community space primarily as a proxy to other websites, services, or competitors is not tolerated.


Other Terms:


Once your Experience is included in the platform, you agree that you will not begin to offer any similar Experience that directly compete with or injure the sales of that Experience on any site or platform other than your own personal profiles and channels.  If you choose to terminate your participation in the ACM Experience Partner program, you agree that this exclusivity provision will remain in place until we remove your Experience from the platform.


You can choose to terminate your participation in the ACM Experience Partner Program at any time. ACM will remove your courses from the Platform immediately upon termination and will continue to pay you revenue earnings until all your then current-Experiences are successfully delivered and removed from the platform. Once your Experience(s) are removed from the ACM platform, guests will no longer be able to book your Experience(s) and you will no longer earn ACM Experience Partner earnings but any guest.

How to Contact Us

The best way to get in touch with us is to contact our Support Team. We’d love to hear your questions, concerns, and feedback about our Services.