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See how we are keeping our Learning Community (You) Safe during this pandemic

School COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocol:

Updated: 04/08/2020

Due to current circumstances the school will be following the below Health and Safety protocols. Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak we have taken a proactive approach towards COVID-19. The health and Safety of our Learning community remain the topmost priorities during this pandemic.

All students, staff and teachers are obliged to adhere with the below protocols in order to respect the health and safety of the whole learning community:


1. Masks MANDATORY – Students will now need to wear their masks at all times.

2. Each individual will have their temperature checked before entering the premises. Students who are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms including: flu like symptoms: coughing, fever, etc. will not be allowed in the premises.

3. Unwell students and staff (irrelevant of severity) should remain at home until symptoms resolve and seek medical assistance as required. A medical clearance certificate will be required before re-entry can be approved. All medical certificates must be communicated with the school management (via no less than 12 working-hours before re-entry can be approved. Last minute emails do not grant automatic immediate access for students to attend in class. A confirmation by school management is required.

Continuity of Learning: During their quarantine/recovery period students will have the opportunity to attend the sessions LIVE from the comfort of their home.

4. Enforcement of good health hygiene inside school premises– Hand hygiene stations are set up at the entrance of the facility and in every class. Students are requested to sanitize their hands before entering and also before leaving the premises.

To avoid cross contamination of shared items all shared classroom resources (such as brushes, pencils etc…) especially for students under the age of 16 will be avoided. Each student is therefore required to bring their own resources.

5. A designated care system will be in place whereby each individual will be clustered and placed within groups of no more than 5 students. In the case of students under the age of 9, 1 mentor will be assigned per group. Students are advised to remain within the same cluster/group throughout the whole period of their learning. This applies both for the students and staff.

6. IMPORTANT: Parents of children under the age of 16 and Students who have been classified as vulnerable should discuss attendance with their doctor and also with the Management of the school, in order to assess the level of risk for the child to attend the Center. The decision to attend rests with the individual and/or parents/guardians of the young learner (for students under 16).


7. All Travel Should be Communicated with School Management

Students or close relatives (within the same household) who travelled or plan on travelling to any destination (especially to higher risk countries) during the course of their learning are obliged to self-isolate for 2 weeks upon arrival. During these 2 weeks, students will be strictly required to access their lessons remotely (Live) from home.

Students who are in possession of both a vaccine certificate and a travel negative PCR are not obliged to isolate and can resume their studies in class. 
An exception is granted for students (under age 13) who are not yet vaccine-eligible ONLY IF all accompanying travellers (parents or guardians) are both vaccinated and in position of a (-ve) Travel PCR Test.

Failure to inform about travel and/or provide the School Management with any of the above travel clearance documentation (Vaccine certificate and -ve PCR test) will deny the student school entry and may be considered as a direct breach and violation of our school safety protocols, which may result in disciplinary action.

8. Relating to mass events: Students and/or close relatives of students who attended or plan on attending mass events which include: festivals, parties, feasts etc. are obliged to inform school management and to self-isolate for 2 weeks and join their lessons remotely before re-joining their class.

Special Mitigation Terms and Conditions

9) Continuity of Learning: Students who fall sick or fall under mandatory quarantine and therefore cannot attend any of the classroom-based lessons are to advise the school management immediately. Students will be able to attend the Online Live sessions.

10)  The Health and Safety of our learning community (students, staff and their families) will remain our topmost priority throughout this pandemic. The school reserve the right without refund or compensation to take all the necessary disciplinary action, which may result in suspension of individuals, if any of the above protocols and policies are knowingly abused.

Further on, the school reserves the right without refund or compensation to take all the necessary mitigation measures if the situation worsens even if this may result in immediate closure of the school. In which case [of an unprecedented closure resulting from COVID-19] all courses will be transferred online.

Each of these policies may be changed from time to time and are effective immediately upon posting such changes on the Site.

School Extenuating Policy concerning COVID-19

On March 13th, the ministry of Education in Malta announced a complete suspension of all educational establishments extended until mid April, with the aim to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Malta.

In response and in light of such circumstances, we are providing the following coverage for COVID-19 under our extenuating circumstances policy to help protect our learning community and provide peace of mind to all our students.

Policy Circumstance

This policy is afforded to those participants whose physical or class-based activities, courses or programs got directly suspended (cancelled/postponed) until further notice due to COVID-19.

Bookings and Enrollments made on or before March 13th, 2020, for activities and courses running and/or commencing between March 13, 2020 and July 1st, 2020, and which for logistical and learning modality limitations could not be transferred online or which if taught and delivered online would have impacted the student learning experience drastically are covered by this policy.

Credit Eligibility. Are you eligible?

A) Courses and activities directly impacted. These include:

All courses which due to logistical purposes could not be transferred online. These activities include ALL figure from life drawing/painting courses, events and/or programs: Classical realism, Figure Drawing and Painting and Portrait Drawing and Painting, which courses includes drawing and painting from life models.

Plein air workshops which require painting on and directly from location.

B) Other courses which may have been partially impacted. These include:

All courses, programs or activities which indicate or include a class-based preference option but which had to be transferred to online learning before commencement.

No partial credit is issued under any circumstances for courses which have already started since courses are booked as a whole. Mid course cancellations through credit or refund may deny  someone  on  the  waiting list  for  the  course and the  opportunity  to  attend. It may also result in whole group cancellations.

Updated: This Policy will remain in force for the foreseeable future and duration of this pandemic and for circumstances which may result in immediate suspension and school closure.

Account Credit Policy

All students who are eligible under any of the policy circumstances will be compensated through full or prorated account credit until school closure lasts.

Account Credit may be redeemed on any future course or activity within a period of 18 months.


For all other student and ordinary cancellations our General Terms and Cancellation policy will remain applicable.