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COVID-19 update: Summer School re-opening

By June 2, 2020June 9th, 2020Uncategorized

In view of the recent and emerging COVID-19 lifting of restrictions the Prime Minister announced that summer schools and child care centers will remain open towards the coming summer period. In this likelihood, due to social distancing and contingency we will open our school to a very limited group. This decision will mainly aim to support those parents who can’t leave their kids at home due to work commitments. A priority will be afforded to parents with young children (5-8) and who both work and have no alternative option to leave their kids unattended.

Having said this all our InnovativeKids Summer School program and courses will still remain available online irrelevant of future re-opening of schools or not. Thereby students will have the option of joining the sessions from the comfort of their home (recommended) or in-class.

On a general remark: Online will still remain our primary mode of learning this summer. With children we still believe this to be the most reliable, contingent and safest solution. In turn to promote remote-learning during these delicate times every student who joins any of our courses online will benefit from a further 20 euro voucher.

Note: As at the date of writing (02/06/20) there has not yet been any clear guidelines and protocols set out by our health authorities as to how summer schools will operate. Just like you parents we are also eagerly waiting for more information about the Health & Safety protocols and measures of how things will operate. We hope that these will be announced shortly!

Parents who wish to apply their interest for the classroom-based summer school are kindly requested to register their interest here online by not later than this Monday 8th June. 

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