Classroom-Based Summer School & Courses 2020

Application Open

UPDATE: School Re-Opening for a LIMITED Group during Summer.

In view of the recent and emerging COVID-19 lifting of restrictions the Prime Minister announced that summer schools and child care centers will remain open towards the coming summer period. In this likelihood, due to social distancing and contingency planning we will open our school to a very limited group.

This decision will mainly aim to support those parents who can’t leave their kids at home due to work commitments. A priority has been afforded to parents with young children (5-8) and (9-12) respectively and who both work and have no alternative option to leave their kids unattended.

Parents who wish to enrol for the classroom-based summer school are kindly requested to 1st submit the application below and to fully read our Special Heath and Safety protocols described during step 2 of the below form.

If you are already booked and wish to change your child’s enrolment from online to class-based you are requested to submit the below application form by no later than the 8th of June. Later requests may only be accepted subject to availability.

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