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LittleTree Club
LittleTree Club

LittleTree Club

About LittleTree

The LittleTree club aims to introduce young kids aged between 3-5 to a world of creative possibilities and materials. It provides the space for Experimentation and Investigation: 2 powerful ingredients which influence and shape the mindset for the years to come.

The club is made up of several workshops that revolve around aimed at developing early motor skills as well as an inquisitive and growth mindset. Kids will Explore activities which include- Visual Games, Clay experiments, Recycled crafts, Printmaking, hand painting and several other multisensory activities. Besides the multimedia experimentation using different materials and textures activities also range from individual to paired and grouped allowing kids to experience different interactional dynamics.


Why are early years so important?

Children start learning before they step into this world. The learning experience they form in their infancy 0-3 years will shape and influence their mindset for the years to come.

Many learned aspects come natural (ex learning to speak and walk) while others are more abstract and require deliberate practice (ex. learning to write)

  • Motor Skills   Many of the motions and movements involved in making Art, Crafts are essential to the development of motor skills in young children.
  • Visual Learning   Painting, sculpting with clay, observing  patterns all develop visual-spatial skills which help children how to interpret, criticize, and use visual information at their needs.
  • Creativity Creativity is the Highest Form of intelligence” because it goes beyond knowledge recall and extends into knowledge creation & innovation.
  • Concentration   Focusing on one task and object at a time while challenging their creative and observational skills helps children develop their cognitive and focus skills, which skills are Necessities!
  • Self-Expression & Confidence  during the Course children will also be encouraged to exhibit and present their works of art.

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