Design Tutor

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Design Tutors create learning experiences which are able to Inspire and Motivate and Teach students in an interdisciplinary and creative approach.

Great Design tutors or mentors are able to:

  • Develop the right learning environment and syllabus which meets the students’ learning objectives, expectations and which reflect the skills and knowledge of the current and future industry needs.
  • Mentor and Analyse student projects and work.
  • Engage and inspire students throughout the whole learning experience.

They teach students to not just be consumers of knowledge and technology but to think, problem-solve and be the creators and designers of their own fate.


The Ideal Candidate demonstrates:

• Excellent writing, speaking and communication skills
• Encourages a culture of curiosity and aims to cultivate a growth mindset
• Exhibits knowledge of student cognitive development and various learning styles
• willingness to plan and teach via a project-based approach in order to develop hands-on learning and a problem-solving mindset
• Expertise in their subject
• Effective classroom management (Responsive Classroom, Positive Discipline, Love and Logic)
• A strong ability to adapt instruction and lessons based on individual student needs


Preferred Qualifications & Experience (Required):

• A strong work portfolio reflective of a Professional Experience in the field of expertise of at least 4 years
• Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in the subject of expertise or any related field.
Note: We value Experience over credentials. Hence applicants, without credentials, who demonstrate outstanding experience, achievement and knowledge in their field are strongly encouraged to apply.
• An active driving licence


What We Offer

  • Zero-hour contractual pay: 17 up-to 29 euros per hour, dependent on experience, qualifications and commitment level (the more hours the higher the rate). There is the potential for up to 15% teaching performance related bonus.
  • Part Remote-work: Your duties will include both on-site and other duties which may be performed off-site or from home
  • Flexible Hours arrangements

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