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Calligraphy Tutor

Open Position

Calligraphy tutors are able to design workshops and programs which Inspire, Motivate and Teach students in the traditional sophisticated craft of Calligraphy and Lettering. They are able to teach towards both the principles and scribing techniques while also creating the right conditions for an environment of creative expression. Furthermore, they are available to offer professional critique at each student level (beginners or more advanced students)



The Ideal Candidate demonstrates:


• Excellent writing, speaking and communication skills. Maltese is considered a plus.
• Encourages a culture of curiosity and aims to cultivate a growth mindset
• Expertise in their subject
• Effective classroom management (Responsive Classroom, Positive Discipline, Passion and Logic)
• A strong ability to adapt instruction and lessons based on individual student needs


Qualifications & Experience (Required):


• A strong work portfolio reflective of a Professional Experience in the field of expertise of at least 4 years
• Past Teaching experience is considered a plus.
• Minimum of a Diploma in the subject of expertise or any related field.

Note: We value Experience over credentials. Hence applicants, without credentials, who demonstrate outstanding experience, achievement and knowledge in their field are strongly encouraged to apply.

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We will only consider applicants who are living and eligible to work in Malta.