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Online Mentor Services Agreement

Instructor Revenue Share Overview

While we encourage you to take a look at the official Promotions Policy (link here), a summary of the standard mentor earnings share. Please note these are revenue share on Net Revenue, which is defined here:

    • Instructor Revenue: 25% revenue share on all Net Revenue made through online course enrollments (note: there is a 3% administrative processing fee)

Note on Specialization or bundled Enrollments: In order to optimize student enrollments for each course students may apply for a full program of studies, which may include the culmination of different courses put together as a whole (ex. Award or Diploma Classical Art) at a discounted course-bundling rate. Depending on the proportion of course hours from the total program, the tutor’s shared earnings will be based on the prorated sum derived from the Full Program.


Depending on the partner or the costs of the advertising, the revenue share may vary but will be 25% in most cases. AK sets aside 75% of all enrollment sales to pay for advertising, video production costs and partner payouts and accreditation fees that help us develop and acquire those new users.


Mentors can track all incoming sales in their Revenue Report and Payslip which is issued for each course delivered. The report includes the date of purchase, student name, revenue attribution, total price paid and tutor total earnings.

Online mentor earnings will be paid in equal installments at the end of each month.