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In this course you will learn how to be a professional designer, by learning the fundamentals of graphic design and brand identity, applying various ideas and techniques to your own personal field and medium of choice.

For a full course overview you may Download Full Syllabus

Who is this course best suited for?

Everyone who is involved in design industry with a basic knowledge of design programs can take part in this. From developers to industrial designers and product designers.

The course is based on various specific workshops which aims to provide the student with an overall comprehensive experience of what it takes to be a Graphic Designer. Sessions include the use of Adobe Illustrator or any other design platform for: image editing, photo enhancements, creative montages, logo design, Branding and more…

The student will also obtain hands-on experience and practical skill while applying design theory and techniques within a personal project and  obtaining personal critique during one-on-one evaluation sessions from a seasoned and professional Graphic Designer.

What will you Learn after this course?

This course is a combination of learning through lectures as well as hands on practical experience through a series of workshops and design tasks. We will discuss theory, ideology, technique and process exposing yourself to a broad spectrum of subjects to help find your voice as a designer and prepare you for the professional world.

You will work individually as well as collaboratively, learning from your own development by tracking your progress in a visual
journal, as well as your classmate’s through a series of presentations, all the while being guided and critiqued by a professional designer.

1. Become confident using different digital design platforms
3. Image editing, photo enhancementsillustrations and creative montages
4. Create your own custom mood boards, posters, designs and Logos

5. Learn about typographycalligraphy and how to win in a world full of text

6. Build a recognizable Brand identity

Meet the Tutor

Kurt Bullock teaches graphic design, typography and calligraphy at Art Classes Malta | AK Malta

Kurt Bullock

I’m a multidisciplinary designer who finds fulfillment in creation, constantly striving to produce something meaningful. I’m also a do-it-yourselfer through & through, and whatever I create I attempt to focus on the nuance of something simple made with care & from scratch.

I got my Bachelor of Arts (First-Class Honours) in Graphic Design & Interactive Media at the MCAST Institute of Art and Design, where I specialised and wrote my thesis on the value and possibilities of print media and tactile design. This also lead to my studies in Bookbinding, paper craft and Leather working.

I spent 4.5 years at Anchovy. Studios PLC as Design Director where I specialised in Branding & typography, creating much of the typography from scratch. My role also involved Art Direction, where I was responsible for teaching & guiding over 20 aspiring designers from various countries, many of whom also joined my team as professional designers after their 3-6 month internships.

This past year I have ventured off on my own projects both commissioned and self-initiated, where above all I have been expanding into material design, hand lettering, packaging and co-starting a lifestyle product design studio.

All digital technologies are included. Students are only required to be in possession of a laptop during the whole duration of this course.

Part 1: Elements of Classical Realism (the Introductory course)

Part 1: Figurative Drawing

Part 2: Classical Oil Painting

Total hours: 60

Credits: n/a

Part 2: Classical Realism (advanced)

Unit: Floral still life painting (30hrs)

Unit: Trompe L’oeil (30 hrs)

Specialization: Portrait Drawing and Painting from Life (30hrs)

Specialization: Figure Drawing and PAinting form Life (30hrs)

What our students have to say

Its a very interesting seminar, and the way it was explained the Golden Ratio it looks very simple and very important.

After attending the Golden Ratio course with Stefan PriehybaCharles Zammit

Amazing seminar and workshop on the Golden Ratio with Stefan Priehyba. Well done to the team for your professionalism. It was highly enlightening and i thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to more.

Sonia BorgAfter attending the Golden Proportions

Thank you AKartistry for the professional organisation. The topic was inspiring and truly interesting, we had a pleasant time.

Gabriella MalliaAfter attending the Golden Proportions

Very Well Done. Top is the best word i can find. Something special.

Aaron LuAfter attending the Golden Proportions

For those art lovers out there, Art Classes provides the right environment where you can indulge in learning about real art. If you’re hooked on classical and fine art, this is the place to be.

Paul FarrugiaAfter attending the Classical Realism Introductory course and the Life Portrait Painting specialization course

It was an amazing workshop! looking forward to the next 🙂

Sephora BaldacchinoAfter attending the Golden Proportions

Thank you 😊 Great opportunity. Loved every moment. 💚Ready for more😊😊 hope to work with you all very soon. Xxx

Stephanie CalascioneAfter attending the Golden Proportions

Thanks a lot, I'm very grateful for attending your workshps Štefan Priehyba Camilleri, was a great experience and very interesting. You really have a good way of explaining and delivering such knowledge. And also a big thanks to Kelsey and Andrei of Art Classes Malta too for making it happen. 🙂

Raisa BusuttilAfter attending the Golden Proportions course

Wish the sessions aren't over. These intense 7 days in self-portraiture with Karl Froman were worth every penny and more!! Thanks Karl. I've learnt so much. Looking forward to the next 🙂

Elisabeth BrincatAfter attending the Classical Realism specialization course in Self Portrait Painting

Art Classes Malta is a very good and professional school in Malta. I loved the courses of Painting and Classical Realism. The tutors were amazing and the level and depth of these courses is unparalleled locally. I have enrolled for another course in Interior Design.. looking forward for this new experience as well!

Eman BusuttilAfter attending the Beginner Art programme and Classical Realism course

I am truly enjoying coming to the course , I adore your work ! 😍Thank you for the experience you share with us!. Many thanks 😘

Gina Laura SalibaAfter attending the Watercolour beginner's course

My daughter really loves attending her lessons with ms Kelsey. I also attended 2 adult courses one with Kelsey and with Stefan.Great tutors I am very happy and thankful for offering us with such great courses!

Carmen AgiusAfter attending the Beginner Art programme

Great tutors, would recommend to anyone that wants to develop their drawing and painting skills or just spend some time doing what they enjoy.

Alison RogersAfter attending the Classical Realism and Big Scale Anatomy courses

Loved every second going to these lessons. Its hard to find such intelligent and skilled teachers here in Malta! Please keep organizing more courses for us adults.

Raymond BorgAfter attending the Beginner Art programme and Big Scale Anatomy course


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